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An elongated speed bump is a raised part of the roadway that induces vertical movement and discomfort in vehicles, causing drivers to slow down. Its length is greater than the wheelbase of a car, and its gradients are progressive.


Recommended for schools, hospitals, parks and parking lots.


*Anchors not included*

Extended Rubber Speed Bump

SKU: AR1026x
    • 3 times wider than a standard retarder. 
    • Interlocking rubber sections won't crack, disintegrate or chip.
    • Reflective molded adhesive tape for maximum visibility.
    • End caps - Provide a uniform finish.
    • The central part of the elongated speed bump can be rounded or form a plateau.
  • Extended speed bump: Center
    Depth: 36'' (90 cm)
    Width: 20'' (50 cm)
    Height: 2'' (5 cm)
    Weight: 38 lbs (17 kg)

    Extended speed bump: Male and female sides
    Depth: 36'' (90 cm)
    Width: 10'' (25 cm)
    Height: 2'' (5 cm)
    Weight: 14,5 lbs (6,5 kg)

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