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SignelGuard TL0 is a galvanized steel guardrail for temporary or long-term use in low-speed work areas.


Installed on the ground with or without anchoring or fencing, this system is used to:

  • Blocking off storage areas, parks, and parking lots
  • Delimit parking areas
  • Create a pedestrian walkway in construction zones
  • Protecting construction sites in urban areas
  • Mark out traffic lanes
  • Bypassing an obstacle
  • Fence available in option

SignelGuard - Galvanized Steel Guardrail TL0

    • Galvanized steel guardrail intended for light and temporary use in low-speed work areas (less than 70 km / h).
    • Simply installed on the ground and anchored at the ends, this system is used for the marking of traffic lanes and the protection of construction sites in urban areas.
    • Fence to prevent pedestrians from climbing over the barrier.
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