Radar Speed Display RAD54
  • Radar Speed Display RAD54

    SKU: RAD54

    Ideal for high speed limit road, the Rad 54 has the largest display from our line (displaying up to 3 numbers on full matrix) It could also be used as a message board. The RAD54 also collects data giving you multiple statistical reports using our RADSTAT software. 


      • Data collection for both side of the road
      • Customizable messages and pictogram - Up to 3 lines of text
      • Display intensity automatically adjusted depending on ambient light 
      • Remote monitoring and display management

      • Full matrix customizable message display (amber) up to 3 lines.
      • Blank display at speed threshold or for silent data collection.

      • Radar range up to 250 m
      • Data collection for both incoming and outgoing directions
      • On site manual speed limit setting
      •  Remote Wireless speed limit setting and data collection by laptop, cellphone or tablet
      • Remote management optional
      • Operational temperatures -40⁰C to 65⁰C